Baffled by choosing keywords for your LinkedIn Profile HEADLINE?

Many people are flummoxed when it comes to choosing a LinkedIn profile headline. What keywords should they include? How do you get that up and down symbol ( | )? (Hit shift and the backslash key.) Is it more important to have keywords or a Tagline / Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?
This article will mainly address the last question: Keywords or USP? The answer to the question depends on your main goal with your LinkedIn profile.

It All Started with LinkedIn. The Essay Expert Blogs on

It all started with LinkedIn. Well, actually it started with a website. It took months before I finally admitted to myself that I wasn’t going to create a website on my own. I bit the bullet and hired someone, wrote some content, and poof! I had a website – My website was beautiful. But who was going to visit it?

I had no clue how to market myself.