How Are You Doing on Your New Year’s Resolutions? September 2018

How Are You Doing on Your New Year’s Resolutions? September 2018

It’s September already.

Labor Day is over and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. That means the New Year is soon to follow. For those of us who are Jewish, the New Year is already upon us.

What all this means is that it’s just about time to choose some resolutions for 2019.

But how are you doing on the ones from 2018 (if you made them at all)? I invite you to assess and not judge if you haven’t met your resolutions.

I usually check in with you on my New Year’s resolutions in August, but hey, why not September? I’ve got three more months to work on them! And so do you to work on yours.

Here’s how my 2018 “Ressaylutions” are going:

1. Create a KILLER LinkedIn portal – an online, subscription-based version of How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile.

I researched this option and did not find a good solution. Everything I considered seemed MORE complicated than updating the book! So my assistant and I are working on an updated e-book, which you’ll receive as soon as it’s ready (it will be at least a few months).

2. Investigate marketing How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile to educational institutions.

I found a good resource for this, but there were some conflicts with my agreement with Amazon that made it prohibitive. Once I get settled with all my moves, I might create a special edition of How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile for students.

3. Build business to the point where I need to use editors, and use them!

I did this a little. Still finding my way on training editors to match my style and preferences.

4. Improve systems in ways that support both team members and clients.

I’ve made some progress here and it’s a continuing project. There’s one set of follow-up documents I want to start sending to clients that I’m still working on. I started doing weekly reports and not just requiring my writers to do them!

At some point, a CRM will be useful, but I’m still recovering from my last failed attempt in that department and will wait a while to reinvest in that tool.

5. Further develop my management skills, especially skills in setting expectations and addressing breakdowns.

Ditto to #4. Making progress and still have room to grow!

6. Track my sales and editing time in a new way so I understand my personal income more.

Done! I have been tracking the various parts of my sales process and have a dashboard where I can see my dials, conversations, meetings, sales, etc. Having these numbers in front of me, and being required to report them every week, has been a great motivator!

7. Continue exploring NYC and surrounding areas as a possible place to move in 2019.

I’ve made the most progress on this one. I decided not to renew my lease in Madison, and now I’m in the process of moving to a friend’s on the other side of town. I’ve filled 3 recycling bins so far with papers I do not want to take with me.

I’ll be doing more exploration in October. If you live in the New Haven area, I’d love to talk to you about life there! I hear Westville is lovely.

How’s your progress on your New Year’s resolutions? Whatever it is, it’s data. No need to make it good or bad, though I know the tendency is to do so. If you want to recommit, now’s the time!

And if applying to school or getting a jump start on your job search was on your list, please contact The Essay Expert.

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  1. Sep 11, 2018

    Hi Brenda,
    many goals for 2018, but unfortunately, few results.
    2019 a new opportunity!
    But, as you write, there are still 3 months and 3 weeks to go. I’ll keep trying.

  2. Brenda Bernstein
    Sep 11, 2018

    Great, Mathilde! Are you willing to share one of your goals? And what’s one action you can take toward achieving it?

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